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Photos, videos, logos, images and newsletters of Automechanika Buenos Aires.


Press photos copyright

The press photos only can be used with publishing purposes. The copyright, as well as the right to use and exploit press photographs, belong to Messe Frankfurt Argentina. Press photos that are used, changed, reproduced and/or electronically modified should be identified with the following origin reference: 'Messe Frankfurt Argentina / name of the photographer'. The copying and publishing are free of charge. You should get prior written approval of Messe Frankfurt Argentina if the press photos will be used with commercial purposes.

2022 Video

Watch the video of the last Automechanika Buenos Aires edition. A brief view for you to have an idea of what the exhibition will offer.

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Press contact 

Should you have any query, do not hesitate to contact the Press and Digital Communication Team.

Ignacio Pérez

Digital Communication and Press Analyst

Ignacio Pérez

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