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Associations and Chambers




Investment and International Trade Agency of Argentina

AAETA Argentine Association of Businessman of the Automotive Transport 
ADIMRA Association of Metallurgy Industries of the Republic of Argentina
AITA Association of Automotive Engineers and Technicians
AER Business Association of Rosario
CAC Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services
CAIP Argentine Chamber of Plastic Industry
CAL Argentine Chamber of Lubricants 
CATAMP Argentina Chamber of Automotive Transport of Goods and Dangerous Residues
CCARGAUST Argentine-Austrian Chamber of Commerce
AusCham Argentine–Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
CaCEx San Juan Chamber of Foreign Trade of San Juan
CaCESFe Foreign Trade Chamber of Santa Fe
CaCEx Rafaela Foreign Trade Chamber of Rafaela
CCIBAIRES Italian Chamber of Commerce in Argentina 
CERAC Chamber of Entrepreneurs and Allied Automotive Parts of Cordoba
  Uruguayan Chamber of Automobile Spare Parts 
CAFARA Argentine Chamber of Hardware Stores and Related Products 
CAGESRA Argentine Chamber of Parking Lots
AHK Argentine-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
CIMCC Chamber of Metallurgical and Component Industries of Córdoba
PROA Auto Parts Manufacturers Group 
CAVEM National Chamber of Automotive Trade of Chile
CAME Argentine Confederation of Medium-Size Enterprises
  Entity of Tourism of Buenos Aires City
FAATRA Argentine Federation of Garages and other Repair Facilities’ Associations
FADEEAC Argentine Federation of Business Entities of the Autotransport of Loads
FAIC Argentine Federation of the Rubber Industry
FISFE Industrial Federation of Santa Fe 
IRAM Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification
INTI National Institute of Industrial Technology
  Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation
  Ministry of Production
  Ministry of Turism
SINDIPEÇAS Sindicato Nacional da Indústria de Componentes para Veículos Automotores
UIA Argentine Industrial Union
UIC Cordoba Industrial Union
UIPBA Buenos Aires Industrial Union
UNRC National University of Río Cuarto – Faculty of Engineering 


  • British Embassy
  • Embassy of Belgium - Flanders Investment and Trade
  • Embassy of Brazil - Commercial Promotion Sector SECOM
  • Embassy of Chile  - Economic Department ProChile
  • Embassy of Italy - Economic and Commercial Office
  • Embassy of Germany
  • Embassy of Uruguay
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